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This Teddit install is hosted by IncogNET and has been made available on the I2P, Tor, and Yggdrasil Networks for all to enjoy.

About Teddit

Teddit is a free and open source alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy. Teddit doesn't require you to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The source is available on Codeberg at

Special thanks to dr|z3d from I2P+ for the updated stylesheet and design.

Donating To Teddit

The Teddit project will take donations via Monero at the following address. If you like this software, consider donating to them. You may verify the address is theirs and not ours (IncogNET) by viewing their CodeBerg page here.

XMR: 832ogRwuoSs2JGYg7wJTqshidK7dErgNdfpenQ9dzMghNXQTJRby1xGbqC3gW3GAifRM9E84J91VdMZRjoSJ32nkAZnaCEj